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  • Niyat Theodores

A Guide on Ways to Support Black Lives Matter

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In 1944, 14-year-old George Stinney was executed by the electric chair. He was convicted for the murder of two young white girls in his hometown of Alcolu, South Carolina. Later, it was discovered that the two girls were already dead and George was unfortunately just at the scene when it happened. And yes, you guessed it, George was black.

Seventy-six years later, a man named George Floyd was in Minneapolis, Minnesota, far away from his hometown of Houston, Texas. He went into a shop and bought cigarettes with a fake 20 dollar bill unknowingly, which the clerk called the cops for. He was pulled out of his car, and one of the four officers at the scene held Floyd down with his knee for over 8 minutes, choking him to his death. This George was also black.

This problem, people of color dying because of the color of their skin, has been part of American history for over 400 years, something as unchangeable as a skin tone determining the fate of your life. So, how can you help? How can people, poor or rich, young or old, famous or not, end the constant, almost never ending, cycle of racism?

Use your voice.

Use your voice and the resources around you to amplify your voice. For example, whether or not you have as little as 10 followers on Instagram or other social media platforms should not keep you from sharing and posting information that is helpful and educational to others.

Learn, learn, and learn some more.

There is so much history and depth about this topic. Read articles and books, watch movies, listen to podcasts, and really try to comprehend what the black community has gone through for centuries.

Donate as much as you can.

Donations can help organizations and programs stay alive and strong. I have linked a couple that could use your help. I understand that some people are not able to donate money, so I have also linked a Youtube video in which the Adsense money will be given to help the movement.

Buy black.

Shop at black owned businesses and restaurants. If you are not sure if there are any black owned stores and restaurants where you live, the link below will help.

These last few months have been overwhelming, terrifying, and eye opening to say the least. As the next generation, the future of our country is in our hands. If you want to see a change, be a part of the change.

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