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  • Taya Toomer

Commentary: Hate Crimes Against Black Americans

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

When I first think of hate crimes against black people, I immediately think of the rampant lynchings that occurred in the early South and Jim Crow laws that have long been outlawed in our country, or so I had a thought. It recently came to my attention that we just signed the Anti-Lynching Act in February.

Several months ago we passed a federal law that should have been in existence in the 1920’s when lynchings first came to fruition. This angers me, but I am not surprised, especially when more modern day hate crimes are currently being set in motion by the existence and active membership of the KKK and the confederate flags being allowed to fly freely in this country as white Americans refuse to acknowledge its history.

Black Lives Matter protest in Southampton, UK. Photo by Thomas Allsop.

According to the FBI, African Americans are still the majority of victims in hate crimes, and I believe that it is because of the hateful display of freedom that this country allows. Black people should have to feel nervous about doing normal things like going to the grocery store without being attacked and harassed or going to church without being in danger.

We should feel the protection and backing from our government, but in reality we do not. As I am getting older, I worry more that the cycle of hate against us will never end. This is a huge problem in the United States, and I refuse to believe that our government is doing everything that it can to stop these hate crimes. This is just a daily reminder that black lives are not given the same value as that of other citizens.

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