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  • Luindeni Baker

Trump Failed to "Make America Great Again"

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

The Presidential Election is over and President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, the first woman and person of color to serve in this position, will be sworn into office early next year. The American people can expect some big changes in the upcoming term.

We all hope that under Biden and Harris’s lead, America will experience a great deal of change and progress. Ideally, the American people will stop overlooking COVID-19 guidelines, and the protections of civil, reproductive, and LGBTQ+ rights will be guaranteed, a great contrast to the four years we have spent under President Trump’s administration.

President Trump left America in the worst of conditions. Over 250,000 Americans have unfortunately died from the deadly and contagious COVID-19. We are in the midst of an economic crisis that likely would have been far less damaging had President Trump taken the coronavirus more seriously, rather than writing it off as a “hoax.”

His reaction to COVID-19 was ignorant as he suggested to the American people on several occasions over the past eight months that the virus was “going to disappear.” President Trump set a terrible example for the American people—primarily his supporters—when he broke COVID-19 guidelines time and time again.

President Trump failed to social distance and wear a mask: two basic and necessary guidelines that ensure the safety of the individual and the safety of others. He continued to hold rallies where people were crammed together without wearing masks, even as more and more Americans across the country were still getting sick and dying.

And of course, after breaking all of these guidelines that were developed and backed by several professionals, Trump ended up getting COVID-19. He received some of the best care and very expensive treatment, while others—people he convinced not to follow COVID-19 guidelines—could not afford to contract the virus.

The Black and Latinx population are dying of COVID-19 at higher rates than their white counterparts, because unlike Trump, they are less likely to have the money to afford such quality health care. If he had handled the virus the way that the medical professionals advised, then perhaps some of the 250,000 dead Americans that he was meant to protect would still be alive today, and perhaps our economy would be in a better place.

We can only hope that over the next four years, Joe Biden will be able to enforce these guidelines, educate, and lead the American people by example, in order to prevent any more deaths.

During his term, Trump barred transgender people from openly serving in the military, rolled back protections for trans students in government-funded schools, and pressed for exemptions that would allow health care providers to refuse care to transgender people and those with HIV/AIDS. Meanwhile, U.S. Embassies were prohibited from flying pride flags, which they have routinely done every June for Pride Month in the past.

Currently, the state of same-sex marriage is at risk, as the Supreme Court has become significantly more conservative, leaving people to wonder what could happen to Obergefell v. Hodges in the near future, especially since they recently brought up the case in the Supreme Court.

Now that our government is on track to have a new president in office, hopefully the chances of the case's decision being reversed are lessened. But the majority conservative Supreme Court has said that they favor reversing the outcome of the case.

These conflicts have not just led to disputes within the government, but also within the lives of the American people. Hate has spread throughout the country and many feel unsafe as the next couple of months start rolling by. Trump’s reaction to Black deaths around the country and his unconcerned attitude towards those kept from their families at the border has shown that he does not care much for the people of color (POC) in the country.

POC around the country fear for their lives during this transition of power, especially those who live in predominantly “red” areas. This will not be a peaceful transition of power, and we can only hope that violence will not ensue, however, it seems likely at this point.

While Joe Biden won the election, President Trump will continue to remain in office until January. Trump swore to the American people that he would “Make America Great Again,” but the current state of the United States is not exactly what one would call great. Many people have died from COVID-19 and many will continue to die. Unfortunately, those deaths are irreversible.

Hopefully, the threats that Trump has made to our human rights are reversible, however, due to the negative and hateful sentiments that were vocalized under the influence of his administration, nothing can ever be truly certain.

We can only hope that this current state will change and that the American people can learn to live in harmony, but in order to do that, we need to be under better leadership.

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