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  • Simone Lewis

What Motivates Me as a Black Basketball Player

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

A variety of things motivate different people. What motivates me as a young black female basketball player are my goals. I have set long term goals that I want to reach later on in my basketball career. For example, I want to be a McDonald’s All American and get a scholarship to play at a Power 5 D1 college.

I also have my short term goals that I set before each of my seasons, which I try to reach throughout the season that I made them for. For example, one of my goals for last season was to average a double double, which is a minimum average of 10 points and 10 rebounds. My goals give me something to work towards.

They give me something to think about when I am tirelessly working out. I know that if I work hard in practice, then I will be one step closer to reaching each of my goals. It is also amazing to be able to see my progress. These goals help me to keep improving.

Another thing that motivates me is my desire to be recognized for all of my hard work. I want the people who come to my games to be impressed by my game play. Every time I step on the basketball court I want to be the best player.

It does not matter who I am playing. I want to be good enough to be able to play hard and to compete. I want to have a lasting impact in the game to the point where people remember my name.

My goals, my desire to be great, and my desire to be recognized will always motivate me. My motivation is also just part of my character. As a black female basketball player, I have learned to put my heart into everything that I do on the court.

I will always work my hardest and do everything that I can to improve. I feel that just having that type of character keeps me going even when I make a bad decision or when something is not going my way. My determination has helped me come as far as I have and will hopefully get me to where I want to go.

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